Strengthening CALD communities, Preventing Family Violence Project.

November 4, 2016

The 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference will be held over 5-7 December at the Mercure Brisbane, QLD.  Kate and Lorraine will present at the conference on ‘Strengthening CALD communities, Preventing Family Violence Project: What’s Next? ‘Knowledge, Rights, Women’s Safety and Well-being.’

  • Ms Kate Shanahan, Lawyer at Darebin Community Legal Centre
  • Ms Lorraine McBride, Community Legal Educator at Darebin Community Legal Education

Their presentation will outline this innovative service delivery model created by DCLC to meet the post-court/crisis needs of women experiencing domestic violence. The target group, are culturally and linguistically diverse women, who are isolated and without solid links to community. The project runs small legal education groups that assist women to process legal implications, address ongoing needs and form a supportive network.

The aim of the project is to reach women, who are living in fear and feeling trapped, to participate in a legal education program so they can break the cycle of family violence. The objective is to highlight that violence within families is not acceptable by law and to educate about legal processes and what services are available to assist within the community.

You will hear the women’s voices telling their own stories and giving their own feedback after participating in the group. You can observe the Darebin Community Legal Centre Collaborative Working Model and learn about how it could be applied in your own communities. This collaborative approach draws on DCLC legal expertise in family violence, family law, the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal, generalist and legal education and community development.

Kate Shanahan is a Family Violence Lawyer at Darebin Community Legal Centre and has been employed at DCLC for 6 years working solely in the family violence field.  Kate has a background in Criminal Law for 7 years prior to her current role.

Lorraine McBride is Community Legal Educator at  Darebin Community Legal Centre and has been employed at DCLC for 5 years. Lorraine was previously employed in CRAF (Common Risk Assessment Framework)training and with an international history working with women impacted by family violence.

For more information on the 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference and to secure your registration, please visit the conference website.




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