Aboriginal Males National Peak Body for Family Violence

October 12, 2018

The annual STOP Domestic Violence Conference will be held at QT, Gold Coast on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 December 2018 with optional workshops on Wednesday 5 December.  

The objective of the conference is to provide a platform for a unified voice to share, network and collaborate on the challenges and successes of behaviour change. Our human basic needs of comfort and security are violated when violence is common, impacting home life, the work place and the community.

Joining us at the conference is Mr Devon Cuimara, Founder & Ceo, Aboriginal Males Healing Centre Strong Spirit Strong Families Strong Culture Inc. (amhc) who will present on ‘Aboriginal Males National Peak Body for Family Violence’.


My vision to establish the Aboriginal Male’s Healing Centre comes from seeing violence in my own family and in the Aboriginal community in general. It goes back to my father and my grandfather.
There were generations when police wouldn’t worry about a complaint from any women. It was something that was seen and not heard like we were as children. I had to protect my mother, I had to protect my brother, my sister and myself. I was my father’s keeper.

You are your father’s son in your mother’s eyes. I left an abusive home and started abusing my partner (now former partner) until I managed to change my ways 20 years ago. My attempts to use mainstream rehabilitation services fell flat and so I actively worked through the issues myself.

I did this through a process of self-healing (using ‘my HALF’) in being accountable and responsible) along with abstinence from violence. I did my own rehabilitation which was to stop my use of violence. I didn’t do any of it. I didn’t smoke, I didn’t use
drugs. It’s not our way. We weren’t born like that. I learnt it – so if I could learn it, I could un-learn it. It’s been 20 years since I started on my healing journey.

The AMHC will offer a 12-month residential healing program incorporating western clinical care and rehabilitation methods (Duluth model) underpinned by Aboriginal culture and lore as the key healing element. All programs are developed and delivered by respected Elders in collaboration with the clinical team.

The Aboriginal Male’s Healing Centre Strong Spirit Strong Families Strong Culture Inc (AMHC) is a not for profit based in Newman in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. AMHC will offer an alternative to incarceration for men that use violence against women and children


Greeting, my name is Devon Cuimara. My people are from the First Nation People of the South West of Western Australia. My matrilineal kin groups are Manitjimat (white cockatoo) and Wardongmat (crow). ‘Mat ‘means ‘stock, family, leg’. My people are the Yuet, Wadjuk, and Bibilman. I have also been through Martu Lore, and I’m now considered Martu Yirna (man) and affiliated with my skin-group Purungu. I am the son of a father who used violence as did his father before him, my grandfather. I used violence because I thought it was the norm.

For further information on the 2018 STOP Domestic Violence Conference please visit www.stopdomesticviolence.com.au