The Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association hosts the STOP Domestic Violence Conference.

Our annual conference attracts professionals vested in ending domestic and family violence. This is a space to share research, projects and industry developments.

From lived experience speakers through to academics, our programs are diverse and inclusive. We provide a platform for all opinions, experiences and insights, to help break the cycle of domestic violence.

With support from industry partners and sponsors, we can continue to spread the word on an issue affecting thousands of Australians.


Ms Karyn Walsh, CEO, Micah Projects

Mr Scott Holmes, Chaplain, Brotherhood of St Laurence

Detective Inspector Marc Hogan, Gold Coast District, Queensland Police Service, Australia

Ms Kym Tighe (BSW), Domestic and Family Violence Co-ordinator, Social Work and Support Services, Cancer Access and Support Services (CASS), Gold Coast Health

Ms Peta Wooton, Chief Executive Officer, Fremantle Women’s Health Centre

Early-Bird Closes
18 October 2019

Program Available
22 July 2019

9 – 11 December 2019


We are committed to breaking the cycle.

That is why we have sourced some of Australia’s most influential and dedicated professionals to share their experiences and ideas in the domestic and family violence sector.

To further our commitment, we will provide a Post-Conference Communique to the Australian Federal Government, providing an insight into the challenges, struggles and opportunities that have been discussed by our Conference Community.

Together, we will improve the quality of life for every individual affected by domestic violence.


Meet the representatives committed to speaking out on domestic and family violence.

Tinashe La

Tinashe La is a Senior Circulation Coordinator at Seven West Media (WA). During the day she spends most of her time preparing reports that help in printing of the newspapers in Western Australia.

Beyond the numbers and figures she spends figuring out during the day, is a passionate lady who is stirred up by the thought that someone out there is being abused or violated and doesn’t know what to do or where to get help from. It is that passion that brings out the lioness in the quiet young lady. Tinashe La is also the author of ‘Greener Pastures beyond Mt.Abuse’ a memoir on her personal experience with domestic violence and abuse.

Even though she was never abused as a child, she found herself in an abusive relationship at the young age of nineteen. She has now come through these nasty experiences and willing to share her story with the world in order to raise awareness. Tinashe hopes this can start the conversation which will bring about ways of creating change in the way we tackle domestic violence and abuse issues from the cultural perspective and breakdown the walls of silence.

Her joyful spirit and humour translates a depressing narrative of her story into something lively and readable with a degree of comfort.

Check out Tinashe’s website here www.tinashela.com.au or Facebook page here.

Lisa Lee

My name is Lisa Lee and I am a domestic violence survivor who once believed that the only way out of my relationship was in a body bag. I am also a Mum of children who all bear their own emotional scars and trauma after years of growing up with domestic violence. It has been a challenging and ongoing but essential journey for all of us.

I am a self published author of ‘Why I Stayed’, written in response to the many times I was asked why I stayed for so long and why I didn’t just leave. I founded Lisa’s Sanctuary after I began my healing journey in an effort to educate, empower and bring hope. My vision is to create awareness of DV, its signs, effects, complexities and the ongoing trauma that survivors and their children deal with day in and day out.

Check our Lisa’s Sanctuary website here and Facebook page here.

Simone O’Brien

Simone O’Brien is a domestic violence survivor, speaker, strong advocate for women against violence, at 44 years old she, is a mother of three beautiful children.

Her journey started in 2012, when she suffered a horrific attack at the hands of a perpetrator who would not take “no” for an answer. It started with emotional and psychological abuse and ended up with her being beaten with a baseball bat to within inches of her life.

Somehow, with the support of family and friends, Simone got through that night and today, after 52 operations and 7 years of on going treatment, she travels around Australia to share her story of courage and strength, to raise awareness on the red flags related to domestic violence and prevent these incidences from happening again.

Using her personal story of determination, resilience, courage and strength, Simone aims to champion non-violence against women and children. Together, let’s stop domestic violence.

Liana Papoutsis

Liana Papoutsis is a highly experienced human rights, international relations and law academic, family violence & domestic violence lecturer and a family violence and social change advocate. Recognised with the Deakin University, Lynne Alice Prize for Excellence in Human Rights and International Law, Liana is an esteemed bi-lingual academic engaged as a specialist consultant for the Victorian Government’s design and delivery of family violence reforms at the Department of Premier & Cabinet and Family Safety Victoria.

Liana draws on her strong academic background and on her own lived experience of intimate partner family violence, and her initiatives for survival and resilience which developed in re-starting her life, to inform her presentations and speaking engagements. She consistently receives outstanding feedback attesting to the power of her speeches and her ability to weave her own experience within the intricacies of the family violence landscape.

Liana contextualises her speech with what your organisation is trying to achieve working closely with you to better understand family violence, elder abuse, addictions and other vulnerabilities.