Anita Bentata: Transforming Confusion into Action

November 20, 2017

Ms Anita Bentata, Speaker, Author and Psychotherapist at Activating Artemis will be at this year’s STOP Domestic Violence, discussing “Transforming confusion into action”

Aim: As a Victim/Survivor, Anita experienced the personal cost through the absence of talking about the abuse and trauma in the family. Lack automatically reveals what is missing, but trauma inhibits taking action.

Anita Bentata: Transforming Confusion into Action
Anita Bentata

Despite DV experience in the late 80’s and 90’s, female and males are experiencing the same dilemmas, trauma and chaos. We need to have different conversations.

Hearing the ongoing question ‘why women get caught’, Anita noticed the prevalence of confusion, overwhelm, shock and unconscious conflicts inhibiting action beyond ‘awareness’ of domestic violence. Anita’s own family did not know what to say or do through all the years of abuse and recovery. This led Anita to develop her theory of what keeps family and friends silent or giving up.

Relevance: This presentation reveals Anita’s perspective woven from later work in the field (over 20 years), personal experience and survivor group facilitator of over 500 women. People have increased awareness about domestic violence, but still do not know what to say or do, and do not have the emotional muscle to navigate the difficult and ongoing conversation.

Method: Speaking and Powerpoint presentation. Copy of slides, and free article unpacking how confusion inhibits response to domestic violence available.

Content: (1) Unpacking what creates the confusion. (2) How this inhibits community action. (3) What community action can be implemented now.

Results: Clarity to identify and respond to the unspoken, assist prevention and intervention in the community, moving from immobilisation and overwhelm, to speaking out and reaching for help.

Conclusion: The more as a community we speak with clear and concrete shared understandings which incorporate the lived experience, the more there is less shame for women to know their reality is valid, which means action to thrive is possible.

This year the STOP Domestic Violence Conference will embark on the theme of ‘Domestic Violence Does Not Discriminate’ with nine featured speakers and over 50 expert stream/ workshop presenters.  

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