Are all-female police stations the answer to domestic violence problems?

September 9, 2015

The Advocate, 9 September 2015.

A QUEENSLAND criminologist has called for a trial of women-only police stations.

A report compiled by Kerry Carrington, a professor at the Queensland University of Technology, recommended that all-female cop shops were the answer to reducing Australia’s “high rate of domestic and family violence.”


“Domestic and family violence account for a significant proportion of lethal violence in Australia and we have not been successful in reducing it,” Professor Carrington said.

“We need new tactics and to look around the world for systems that work.”

Professor Carrington said the first women-only police station opened in Brazil in 1985 expanding to 475 stations.

“Women-only police stations deal exclusively with female victims of domestic violence,” she said.

“They do employ male police officers but not on the front desk.

“They are one-stop shops for these women as they are staffed by specially trained female police officers, psychologists, lawyers and social workers.

“The women are protected and do not need to go outside to access these other vital services.”

Mount Isa Police officer Sergeant Jakki Poustie shared her views with The North West Star on the concept, saying she was not in favour of the idea.

“The idea of a one-stop shop for DV [domestic violence] certainly has merit however it should not be gender specific as DV affects both male and female victims,” she said.

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