Calls for urgent national response to violence against women and children

February 25, 2016

stop domestic violenceAn annual report on recorded crime across the country will for the first time include data on domestic and family violence.

The report, to be released on Wednesday, provides statistics relating to the number and characteristics of alleged offenders who have been proceeded against by police over a 12-month period.

But for the first time, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will also publish “experimental statistics” on offenders proceeded against with family and domestic violence related offences.

The move to include domestic and family violence, described as a national emergency, comes after additional funding from the Department of Social Services was announced in June by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

It comes in the wake of the second national action plan to reduce violence against women and their children.

The report will not show trends in family and domestic violence, as the data collected only refers to the 2014-15 reference period. Click to read more.

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