The Influences of Cultural Background and History of Victimisation on Perceptions of Domestic and Family Violence

October 3, 2017

Miss Shuktika Bose, Semester Teaching Fellow at Bond University will be at this year’s STOP Domestic Violence Conference in Melbourne.

Cultural Background on Perceptions of Family and Domestic Violence
Shuktika Bose

Shuktika will be discussing “The influences of cultural background and history of victimisation on perceptions of domestic and family violence”.

Domestic and family violence (DFV) has gained greater recognition to become a significant issue in contemporary Australian society, with the federal government addressing concerns around the topic in early 2016.

The current study examined domestic and family violence perceptions relating to four domains: physical and violating abuse, isolation, humiliation and degradation, and threats. The study extended upon previous Australian research by assessing the association between cultural background and history of victimisation on perceptions of DFV.

Four hypotheses were proposed, relating to:

(1) physical abuse
(2) age
(3) cultural background, and
(4) history of witnessing DFV

Participants from around Australia were recruited through personal and professional networks (N = 201), and a university human research participant pool (N = 66), and requested to complete a short online survey addressing their individual perceptions of domestic and family violence. physical abuse was more likely to be recognised as an abuse form in comparison to others. Cultural background, specifically participant’ and parents’ birth countries being in English-speaking backgrounds, was a significant predictor of increased DFV perceptions.

In contrast to previous research, a history of witnessing DFV was not a significant predictor of increased DFV perceptions. Limitations of the study, as well as future implications for DFV prevention and rehabilitation policy providing greater support for individuals from non-English speaking background are discussed.

This year the STOP Domestic Violence Conference will embark on the theme of ‘Domestic Violence Does Not Discriminate’ with nine featured speakers and over 50 expert stream/ workshop presenters.  The Conference aims to provide a platform for a unified national voice on ending domestic violence.

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