Domestic violence has no place in sport

February 17, 2016

Stop Domestic-VIolence in sportDomestic violence is a common crime among male athletes. There’s an on-going struggle between sporting leagues, governments, and viewing-families to address the increasing number of domestic violence perpetrations amongst athletes.

A news report published by the Daily Examiner today – Message is clear: domestic violence has no place in sport, sporting clubs take united stand against domestic violence led by Dallas Waters.

Mr Waters has driven Tackling Violence programs as a coach at Lower Clarence Magpies and South Grafton Rebels, wants to spread the message to all sporting codes. The main aim is to get the message out to the sporting community that domestic violence is not okay.

“Domestic violence is not acceptable and we don’t want it in our community,” Waters said.

“At the Rebels I was in charge of 70 or 80 men and in that environment you’re aware of any instances that may have happened. But it’s very hard to engage with men outside of that”.

“Lots of young people come into sport. Whether it’s hockey, cricket, league, union or any sport with high participation, we can target those sports to go to them in their own environment.”

Waters, along with other members of the Clarence Valley Domestic and Family Violence committee, have devised the ‘Domestic Violence – Foul Play’ awareness campaign. It includes similar concepts to Tackling Violence, such as players signing a pact against domestic violence as part of their club’s code of conduct conditions.

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