Dr Troy McEwan to present Keynote on the under-recognised factor of mental illness in family violence

June 15, 2015

2015 Australian STOP Domestic Violence Conference is pleased to announce Dr Troy McEwan as a Keynote Speaker for the event being held at the Rex Hotel in Canberra 7 – 9 December.

Dr Troy McEwan
Dr Troy McEwan

Keynote Bio:  Dr Troy McEwan is a Lecturer in Clinical and Forensic Psychology at the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, Swinburne University of Technology, and a Senior Psychologist at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health in Melbourne. She earned her DPsych(Clin./For.) and completed an Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship at Monash University. Dr McEwan’s research interests lie in understanding, assessing and managing complex criminal behaviours including family violence, arson, and sexual offending. She is an internationally recognised expert in stalking behaviour and her publications in this area include the Stalking Risk Profile, a structured instrument used by mental health and law enforcement agencies around the world to assess and manage stalking-related risks.

Dr McEwan focusses her research on projects with strong translational potential, aiming to directly influence practice and policy decisions to improve responses to complex criminal behaviours. To this end, she has conducted numerous training workshops around the world, coordinates postgraduate education programs in forensic behavioural science, and has authored or co-authored over 30 publications, including articles, books chapters, and assessment and treatment manuals. She provides consultation to law enforcement on family violence and stalking and currently coordinates has projects investigating methods of improving police risk assessment and management in family violence cases

Keynote Title:  Mental illness as a causal factor and treatment need in family violence

Overview:  Mental illness is a common but under-recognised factor in family violence. This keynote will focus on mental disorders that occur frequently among family violence perpetrators, highlighting potential causal mechanisms for violence and opportunities for intervention.

Dr McEwan will draw on her research and practice to consider how mental health practitioners, law enforcement, and policy makers can respond more effectively to mental illness to help prevent family violence.

About the Conference

The 2015 Australian STOP Domestic Violence Conference theme Connecting the Dots will look at domestic violence holistically and developing collaborative approaches within the sector. This multi-disciplinarian program is suitable for administrators, program coordinators, social workers, therapists and all external providers impacted by DV. The co-occurrence and prevalence of mental health and domestic violence will also be addressed.

The Conference will attract delegates from a wide range of backgrounds including: Policy Makers, Government, Practitioners, NGO’s, Councillors, Academics, Mental Health specialists, Service Providers, HR Professionals and Victims Support Groups from Australia and New Zealand.

Streams will include:

  • Community
  • Law Enforcement, Protection and the Legal System
  • Mental Health
  • Special Topics
  • Communication and Interstate Collaboration
  • Government and Policy Making
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Research

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