Economic abuse a relatively unknown form of domestic violence

March 6, 2017

Eleven per cent of Australians — both women and men — have suffered economic abuse at the hands of a partner, new research has found.

Researchers say there has been little data on how finances are used in cases of domestic abuse.

The term is used to describe a situation where one partner in a relationship controls another’s finances, often resulting in them becoming dependent on their abuser. But many people are not aware they are victims of this subtle form of domestic violence.

RMIT University researchers said there had been little data on the prevalence of the problem, so they analysed information obtained in an Australian Bureau of Statistics survey of 17,000 Australians.

Lead researcher Jozicka Kutin said they found nearly 16 per cent of women surveyed had a history of economic abuse, while 7 per cent of men reported experiencing similar behaviours in a previous relationship.

Women with a disability or long-term health problems were more likely to be victims of economic abuse.

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