An epic 1000km trip to Noosa to raise funds for DV

July 1, 2016

Juliana Bahr-Thomson stop DVJuliana Bahr-Thomson paddled away from Horseshoe Beach at 8.01am on Sunday – the time she chose as a play on her favourite number, the sacred Buddhist number 108 – to the cheers and hollers of supporters as reported by The NC Herald.

“She’ll be tired when she gets there,’’ one wag chimed.

“Imagine the size of her “guns” when she gets there,’’ another quipped.

The 100-odd supporters who braved the winter’s morning to send off Juliana with their best wishes also got an insight into her pain she prepared to leave.

Taking a handful of lanolin cream from what would be one of many huge tubs, Juliana pasted it on her armpits and under her chin in a bid to minimalise the constant threat of chafing.

It was a reminder of her three-day trip from Newcastle to Bondi last year, where constant rubbing turned her skin red-raw.

She posed for photographs with friends and giggled as others asked for one last “lanolin hug’’ before she entered the water.

It was a more relaxed mermaid than the one who admitted to becoming overwhelmed by the preparation and media attention in her final days on land.

“My friends kept telling me once I get on the water then it will be quiet time,’’ Juliana told the Newcastle Herald.

“It is going to be so true.

“And with this swell supposedly picking up it should be pretty intense, it should be pretty awesome.’’

The trip is about 1000km from Newcastle to Noosa and she is planning to take 43 days to do it, arriving at her destination on August 7.

Juliana left with a couple of ski paddlers, as well Christian Fisher, who will on a jetski just 20 metres from her during the first three weeks of her travels.

She also has a dedicated road crew, including Jacky Schiebaan, Jonathan Cassell and Mark Heanly, and they are being put up along the entire trip in home stays, by surf clubs and, on some occasions, resorts.

The trip is to raise funds and awareness for domestic violence and child abuse, as well as ocean conservation.

And despite the obvious concern about sharks, Juliana says she has been diverting people to the fact there was a bombing range off the coast.

Her first leg is across the Stockton Bight, from the harbour to Birubi.

You can follow Juliana’s travels on her website where there will be blogs and a GPS tracker showing how she is travelling.

There is also her social media accounts on twitter @Mermaidwithamsg and instagram mermaid.witha.message . To read more click here.

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