Innovative perpetrator interventions that work with the whole family

November 29, 2018

The 2018 STOP Domestic Violence Conference will be held next week at the QT, Gold Coast over 3 and 4 December with optional workshops on 5 December. 

Joining us at the conference is Ms Yvette Jaczina, General Manager, Client Services with the Centre For Non-violence who will present on Innovative perpetrator interventions that work with the whole family.


The Making aMENds: Becoming a Better Dad program is an integrated, innovative and invitational approach to break the cycle of family and domestic violence.

A whole of family approach to family and domestic violence is integral to the Making aMENds program where priority is given to increasing the safety of women and children. The program offers individual and group work interventions to men who are fathers who have used family and domestic violence against their female partners or ex-partners. It has elements of restorative practices using the voices of children who tell us what a “good dad” does and support to the families of the men in the program. It is situated within, and supported by, the Centre for Non-Violence’s integrated family and domestic violence program.

Making aMENds seeks to contribute to the social movement to end violence against women and children by motivating abusive men to become better fathers (or father figures) and more supportive partners.

The program is informed by narrative ideas: it invites men to stop using violence in the family; supports men to examine or “unpack” their beliefs about fatherhood and parenting; and to take steps to restore their relationship/s with their children.
The program sits within a specialist family violence service that works with victims of family violence and with men who use violence against their families. In this presentation we will explore the impacts of the program; how the program has influenced men’s understanding of their use of violence and what women and children report about their sense of safety. This program is funded as a trial by the Department of Justice and Regulation in Victoria.


Yvette Jaczina is General Manager, Client Services at the Centre for Non-Violence in Bendigo. CNV works with women and children who are victims of family violence and with men who use violence against their families. Yvette has worked in the community sector in mental health, homelessness and children and family services and has a passion for systems change that result in better outcomes for women and their children.

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