The Journey of African-Born Women – From Intimate Partner Violence to Seeking Help

October 26, 2017

Secure your spot at the 2017  STOP Domestic Violence Conference Australia, held at Rydges Melbourne this December.

Mrs Sarah Ajowi, PhD Scholar at Charles Darwin University will be discussing “The journey of African-born women – from intimate partner violence to seeking help”.

The Journey of African-born women from Intimate Partner Violence to seeking help
Sarah Ajowi

This PhD research project investigates the journey of the African-born women from experiencing the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) to seeking professional help. The Northern Territory (NT) serves as the fieldwork location. I am interested in establishing what motivates these women, to seek professional assistance from the support agencies. There is a lack of recent evidence in the NT and Australia more broadly on help-seeking behaviours among women immigrants, particularly, among the African-born women.

My study investigates if, and what is the link between incidence of help-seeking to address IPV among the African-born women and the interplay of cultural factors, the role of IPV awareness campaigns, and the cultural sensitivity of the professional support services they can access. The study is theoretically framed by focused ethnography and intersectionality.

This presentation summarises the preliminary results from my study, which are based on conversations with professionals from the support agencies and the African-born women in Darwin, NT. The majority of the women interviewed perceive and understand physical abuse as the only form of IPV. They seek professional help after a long period of time and only when their lives or those of their children are threatened. Culture and religion play an important role in their decision and they prefer to access informal support in the first instance.

Sarah Ajowi
Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Arts
Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT

The STOP Domestic Violence Conference Australia will address and encompass a variety of topics including impacts on the family, community, services and support, law enforcement, socio-economic implications, research findings and protection of the vulnerable.

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