Ms Leanne Donoghue-Tamplin, Psychologist at Real Success Pty Ltd.

November 10, 2016

The 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference will be held over 5-7 December at the Mercure Brisbane, QLD. Ms Leanne Donoghue-Tamplin joins us at the conference and will discuss The Efficacy of a Self-Help Program for Women Survivors of Domestic Violence’.

Leanne Donoghue-Tamplin
Leanne Donoghue-Tamplin

With increased media attention on DV, women survivors are seeking more access to opportunities to understand their experience and to find their own freedom.  However there is limited availability of specialist services and many practical restrictions on these women attending.  For example childcare, family commitments, and the perpetrators need for control.

A self-help program is currently being trialled to address this need.   The program targets the uniqueness of the DV experience and walks the client through a process similar to the therapy process of face-to-face treatment.

To demonstrate the value and effectiveness of self-help programs as an alternative to, or a component of,  psychological interventions for women survivors of domestic violence.

This presentation will discuss early feedback on the program, and identify how it addresses the key components of effective therapy for women living with DV.  It will also describe how self help may improve access to psychological treatment through flexibility, being more familiar for younger women survivors, and reducing shame/embarrassment of attendance.

At the end of this workshop, participants will have an increased understanding of the value and effectiveness of this self-help program for women survivors of DV.

Leanne has over fifteen years of experience as a psychologist in the clinical, management and training sectors.  She has worked with women experiencing domestic violence or surviving childhood abuse extensively throughout her career, both individually and in groups, across private practice, hospital and community settings.

The 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference topics include:

  • Working with perpetrators of domestic violence
  • Preventing violence in our communities
  • Fostering children’s safety and wellbeing
  • Working with diverse groups and communities
  • Building strong legal responses
  • Developing a better mental health response
  • Working in and with ATSI communities
  • Creating a resilient workforce

For more information on the 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference and to secure your registration, please visit the conference website.




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