Making change count: building a national prevention sector

October 18, 2018

The upcoming 2018 STOP Domestic Violence Conference will be held at QT, Gold Coast over 3 and 4 December with optional workshops on 5 December. 

Joining us at the conference is Mr Scott Holmes, Manager Practice Development with Our Watch who will present on ‘Making change count: building a national prevention sector’.


Change the story, released in 2015, outlines how violence against women and their children is a prevalent, serious, and preventable abuse of human rights. With Change the story as their guide, we are increasingly seeing across Australia actions taken by government, the community and the private sector to address the gendered drivers of this violence that Change the story identifies. These include actions in workplaces, in schools, in sports clubs, with the media, along with changes in policy and other structural approaches to promoting gender equality.

These first steps are highly encouraging, but we know that changing culture, social norms and structures is a long-term process. To make these changes count we need to ensure that our efforts to prevent violence against women before it occurs are sustainable, coordinated, implemented across multiple settings using multiple approaches, undertaken by an expert workforce, and informed by the latest evidence on best practice. In other words, we need to be building a prevention sector with the capacity to ensure our prevention actions can last long after the focus created by the #metoo movement and other such important activist initiatives.

In this panel presentation Our Watch will provide an update on the work that Our Watch and others are doing nationally to support the development of this prevention sector. This will include, but is not limited to, our work to support the development of an expert workforce, to build evidence on best practice in a variety of settings, and to support coordinated approaches to prevention practice. The panel will also be an opportunity for conference delegates to provide their perspective on what is needed to build a stronger investment in primary prevention and to assist Our Watch in understanding both the enablers and barriers to this work in the different parts of Australia.


As Manager of Practice Development at Our Watch, Scott Holmes works with a team to develop and implement strategies to increase quality prevention practice across Australia. Supporting government and civil society to build a sector that can support long term prevention practice is key to this work. Scott has worked in the preventing violence against sector for nearly 7 years, including coordinating prevention programs with faith communities, workplaces, and in community settings. He has extensive experience with delivery of prevention training programs, including the VicHealth prevention short course, Baby Makes 3 Facilitator training, and the Change the story Practitioner Training.

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