Mobilising men to build gender justice: Strategies for effective movement-building

October 4, 2018

The annual STOP Domestic Violence Conference will be held at QT, Gold Coast on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 December 2018 with optional workshops on Wednesday 5 December.  

The objective of the conference is to provide a platform for a unified voice to share, network and collaborate on the challenges and successes of behaviour change. Our human basic needs of comfort and security are violated when violence is common, impacting home life, the work place and the community.

Joining us at the conference is Dr Michael Flood, Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology who will present on ‘Mobilising men to build gender justice: Strategies for effective movement-building’.


Mobilising men is a vital part of social change towards gender equality, but it is under-developed in Australia. Community mobilisation – bringing individuals and groups together through coalitions, networks, and movements – is an important strategy for preventing domestic and sexual violence. Indeed, it was feminist advocacy which formed the foundations of contemporary service and policy responses to domestic and sexual violence and which remains influential today. But in Australia, collective advocacy by men is small and scattered. Only small numbers of men act as committed public advocates for ending violence against women, efforts such as White Ribbon’s Ambassadors program are weak at movement-building, and in contrast to the USA, campus men’s anti-rape activism is virtually non-existent.

So, how can we bring men together in activist groups and networks, to work as allies to women and women’s movements? Drawing on the new book Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention, this presentation:
• Describes and assesses existing initiatives to mobilise men as violence prevention advocates, both in Australia and internationally;
• Identifies elements of effective community mobilising;
• Offers practical tools and tips for getting men in the door, educating and inspiring them, and turning them into committed agents of change.


Dr Michael Flood is a highly regarded researcher on violence against women and its prevention, with an extensive record of community engagement. He has made significant contributions to scholarly and public understanding of men’s involvements in preventing violence against women and building gender equality, and to scholarship and programming regarding violence and violence prevention. Dr Flood also is an educator and activist. He is the lead editor of Engaging Men in Building Gender Equality (2015) and The International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities (2007) and the author of a forthcoming book, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention (2018).

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