Ms Carrie McManus and Ms Andrea Silverstone from Canada to join us.

November 22, 2016

This December at the 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference we welcome international delegates Ms Carrie McManus, Program Manager at Sagesse Canada and Ms Andrea Silverstone, Executive Director at Sagesse Canada to discuss ‘LGBTQ Domestic Violence: Building Capacity’.

Research into domestic violence within LGBTQ communities shows rates that equal to or higher than in heterosexual communities.  These rates, however, are believed to be low and unrepresentative of the number of individuals within LGBTQ communities who are experiencing domestic violence based on increased stigma and barriers to accessing services. LGBTQ individuals experiencing domestic violence navigate widespread risk factors for violence, as well as additional risk factors such as homo/bi/trans phobia, fear of outing and minority stress.

In this presentation participants will examine the LGBTQ DV Capacity Building program that Sagesse has been delivering for 6 years in Calgary and across Alberta, Canada.  The LGBTQ program delivers organizational change and builds competencies and capacity within agencies so they are equipped to deliver services to LGBTQ individuals experiencing domestic violence.

Throughout this presentation, participants will be engaged in discussion about challenges experienced working within systems and structures that are not identified as LGBTQ allies. This presentation will create space for discussion of best practice in addressing issues of domestic violence within LGBTQ communities and how to best collaborate on national and international scales in order to create a community of practice aimed at ending LGBTQ domestic violence.

Carrie McManus, RSW is the Program Manager at Sagesse, a Calgary, Alberta community based agency that empowers individuals, organizations and communities to break the cycle of violence and abuse.  Carrie focuses her work on the elimination of domestic violence through both individual and systemic change.  Carrie completed her Diploma in Social Work at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  During her time at Mount Royal University Carrie found her passion for working towards eliminating domestic violence through a peer led student dating violence project Stepping Up.

In her time at Sagesse Carrie has been instrumental in furthering the mission and vision of ending domestic violence in Alberta.  Supported by Carrie’s leadership, Sagesse programs have been scaled out from the Calgary base to be available across communities in rural Alberta.    Carrie has presented on the peer model, LGBTQ domestic violence, feminism in the workplace and community development across Canada, the United States and in Europe at national and international conferences and is a passionate advocate for supporting individuals experiencing domestic violence.

Prior to her time at Sagesse, Carrie worked for 10 years in program development, small business management and event coordination.  Through that work Carrie trained over 500 volunteers and staff and has a passion for creating opportunities for learning and growth wherever possible.  Carrie has always found her most inspiring work environments to be those that grow out of the grassroots needs of the communities she is a part of.

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