Ms Sandra Morris from Women’s Health In the North joins us in December.

November 21, 2016

Ms Sandra Morris from Women’s Health In the North will join us at the 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference to discuss ‘Prevention in particular context and settings: sport; workplace; media; faith; universities’.

Ms Sandra Morris
Ms Sandra Morris

Research identifying a strong association between family violence and gambling related harm has been the catalyst for a prevention project, Increasing the Odds for Safety and Respect project, addressing the co-occurrence of these issues.

In Victoria, the problem gambling and family violence response sectors have not been closely aligned. An early component of the project was, therefore, the identification of how the sectors currently worked together and activities to strengthen these ties, through awareness raising, resource development and training to the relevant organisations.

The current phase of the project seeks to incorporate primary prevention strategies into the project, which was largely tertiary prevention. The challenge for project staff was to conceptualise how combine a gendered understanding of the prevention of violence against women with the non-gendered, harm reduction approach to problem gambling. The release of the Change the Story  and a new public health framework for understanding gambling related harm  has provided staff with compatible frameworks on which to base this primary prevention work.

To this end, project staff are currently working on producing a digital resource that applies an understanding of the drivers of violence against women, and ways to address these drivers within a response end setting, that of the Gambler’s Help counselling services. Learnings from this project will assist with building prevention of violence against women messages into a range of activities, in a range of settings, in the future.

Sandra Morris is the Health Promotion Manager at Women’s Health In the North. She is responsible for managing the staff and projects that fall within the scope of the Health Promotion team including one of WHIN’s priority areas – Prevention of Violence against Women. Sandra provides strategic advice and leadership in the development of health promotion programs and services, advocacy, and policy direction. Sandra has worked previously in the role of Family Violence Regional Integration Coordinator and has extensive experience in the areas of family violence, sector reform and development of strategic partnerships

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