Preventing violence in our communities

September 28, 2016

Dectective Inspector Marc Hogan, Detective Inspector, Queensland Police Service.

Ria Wong, Domestic Violence Integrated Response Manager, Domestic Violence Prevention Centre (Gold Coast).

The 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference will be held on 5 – 7 December at the Mercure Brisbane QLD. Dectective Inspector Marc Hogan and Ria Wong will present at the conference on the topic of Gold Coast Police Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce -Collaboration and partnerships within an integrated response’.

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Gold Coast Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce commenced on 15 January 2016, led by QPS Detective Inspector Marc Hogan. The taskforce was established within a new social environment, the product or culmination of a number of key events including high profile homicides on the Gold Coast and the release of the ‘Not now Not ever’ findings.

The new environment provided a platform for tailoring integrated services and responses for greater contribution towards the creation of social and public value within a DFV context. The QPS taskforce recognised the previous limitations and barriers to responding to domestic and family violence and worked to develop a true understanding of the adaptive change required for improvement and effectiveness.

Changes were implemented and adopted in essence to create a fluid working capacity comprising key stakeholders best positioned to contribute to the operationalising of community based and direct policing responses.

This saw the creation of a triage process for the provision of ‘best that can be provided’ services around domestic and family violence victims and perpetrators. Triage partners were selected carefully based on abilities in providing timely and effective responses. This joining of resources, experience and expertise raised partnerships effective in providing integrated services for victims, especially women and children. The Domestic Violence Prevention Centre provides a portal to a wide array of services and agencies capable of assisting in working through the complexities of domestic and family violence.

QPS Gold Coast Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce think is centered on innovation and progressiveness. There is also a customer service focus in the centre of all activity.

Both area managers will present on their relevant points of interest. A brief outline of structure and how the relationships developed would lead into statistical data showing the scope of the problem and the impact to date since the QPS Taskforce initiatives were implemented. Consideration will also be given to what the future may be and discussion will be had around this.

To book your spot at the 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference in Brisbane this December, please visit the conference website.


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