Priority Family Violence Perpetrator (PFVP) Management

October 17, 2018

The upcoming 2018 STOP Domestic Violence Conference will be held at QT, Gold Coast over 3 and 4 December with optional workshops on 5 December. 

Joining us at the conference is Mr Martin White, Police Officer with Tasmania Police who will present on ‘Priority Family Violence Perpetrator (PFVP) Management’.


The Safe Families Coordination Unit (SFCU) commenced operation in in 2016, based on the Multi Agency Program model operating successfully in South Australia, originally derived from the United Kingdom’s Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub child protection model of inter-agency collaboration.

The SFCU is a multi-agency, co-located government unit comprising of Police, Justice, Community and Health Services, and Education agencies. The unit is responsible for developing a cumulative risk outline of families affected state-wide by family violence (FV). SFCU gathers the best available information from across government to complement existing Safe at Home government services to support victims (including affected children) of FV, and hold perpetrators to account.

The SFCU has collective oversight of high risk FV matters, and incorporates a risk assessment process based on all available evidence and information at the time. A priority of the unit is timely identification and intervention, holistic risk assessment processes, coordination of responses, and the reduction of harm to victims (including affected children).

A key unit action is to engage in the identification of high-risk FV offenders, Priority Family Violence Perpetrators (PFVP).

A PFVP watch list is maintained for each geographical police district, and includes contemporary and relevant government intelligence holdings from all partner agencies in relation to each perpetrator designed to inform and support operational responses in the management of these persons. The list is also shared with partner agencies to facilitate perpetrator management.

Interventions are tailored to ensure perpetrators are held accountable for their behaviour, and victims are protected. PFVP management is maintained for a minimum of 3 months, or until victim physical safety or well-being is sufficiently mitigated through direct interventions.

To date 119 FV offenders have been managed as PFVP’s, some repeatedly. At any one time, there are approximately 10 active PFVP’s in each of the 3 geographical police districts.


Detective Senior Constable with 35 years operational experience with Tasmania Police. He has had significant involvement in the criminal/judicial response to family violence (FV) through tenures with specialised front-line response areas from 2005, and more recently the Safe Families Coordination Unit (SFCU) which is police led collaborative multi agency oversight body established by government to complement the existing Safe at Home response to FV. He undertook duties as an investigator in the SFCU from the commencement of operations in mid-2016 through to February 2018, and is currently on Secondment to the unit as the operations manager.

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