Psychotherapist Ms Anita Bentata to join us.

November 18, 2016

The 2016 STOP Domestic Violence Conference will be held over 5-7 December at the Mercure Brisbane, QLD. Ms Anita Bentata will join us at the conference to discuss ‘The Little Red Riding Hood Effect: Prevention from a Survivor and Community Perspective’.

Ms Anita Bentata
Ms Anita Bentata

Awareness of domestic violence is a hot topic, yet women are still unable to recognise the abuse they are living with, and friends and family are silent or shocked to discover the abuse and often too late. Educative efforts of awareness raising are talking about the same things as twenty years ago. There is not enough integrative action to create significant change.

There are serious gaps in knowledge amongst the community and professionals. The model in Western cultures is dominated by conscious and rational thinking which has a logic and sequential approach. Trauma and abuse are not rational or logical. We need to bring the left brain knowledge into conversation with the right brain knowledge about the body, trauma and the unconscious.

The Jungian approach of working with the unconscious and the Somatic Psychotherapy trauma model including women’s unique stress response are still not common knowledge. These two gaps lead to a lack of effective action. Women and community are unconscious and we are in a left brain, patriarchal society which talks to women and community in an attempt to consciously change what they are not conscious of.

Anita’s project fills this gap. Anita begins by telling the theory she developed about the Little Red Riding Hood Effect. Anita speaks the fairy tale in a way you have never heard it before. She then goes through a question and answer of the key stumbling blocks and myths on prevention and healing based on her work from her survivors group, a survey which will be complete by October, 2016, her professional experience over twenty years and her personal survivor story of abuse through childhood and early adulthood.

Anita is passionate about the recognition that trauma, the body, the unconscious and the fairy tales we live with inside us are all impacting victims, survivors, perpetrators, professional and community members. Anita sheds light on little recognised areas and concepts which are pivotal in stopping the epidemic of family violence in Australia.

For more information on the conference and to secure your spot, please visit the conference website.

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