Senate committee calls for education boost on domestic violence

March 20, 2015

The federal government should put respectful relationships training on the national curriculum in order to tackle domestic violence, a Senate committee has found.

An interim report of an inquiry into domestic violence has also recommended that more than $100 million in funding cuts be restored to community legal centres and emergency accommodation and shelter services as well as a $200 million boost to federal and state legal assistance services.

It has also called for more behavioural change programs for perpetrators and for a new national initiative to boost prevention, early intervention and crisis services.

While the final report is not due until June, the committee reported early to make sure its recommendations were included in budget deliberations.

Photo Michelle Smith
Greens senator Larissa Waters Photo: Michelle Smith

Greens spokeswoman for women Larissa Waters, who initiated the inquiry, said the committee had heard “harrowing” evidence about the impacts of budget cuts on domestic violence responses.

This included women being turned away from refuges and calls to crisis lines ringing out.

Original article published 19 March 2015 by Sydney Morning Herald, Reporter 

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Full Senate Interim Report on Domestic Violence in Australia 



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