Share the Dignity Activities4all: Allowing Children to Heal From the Trauma of Family Violence

November 3, 2017

Ms Rochelle Courtenay, Founder of Share the Dignity joins us at this year’s STOP Domestic Violence Conference, presenting “Share the Dignity Activities4all: allowing children to heal from the trauma of family violence”.

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Share the Dignity Acvities4all: Allowing Children to Heal From the Trauma of Family Violence
Rochelle Courtenay

Share the Dignity is a National Charity who does many programmes, none of which are being done by others in Australia. With Sanitary drives in April & August providing sanitary items to women & girls who are experiencing homelessness or having fled domestic violence. Having collected and distributed over 750,000 packets in 2 years restoring dignity for those in need.

We do a Xmas campaign called itsinthebag where Australias give a preloved or new Handbag filled with life’s necessities and then some nice things to have for Xmas, last year collle ting over 110,000 gifts to pass on to women in domestic violence shelters, homeless women, mental health units, drought stricken farming communities and teenage girls in foster care or homeless.

Last but not least Activities4all where we have scholarships for children in Australia who have been affected by family violence. The forgotten victims. By getting kids into sport, dancing, painting we hope to help heal and give hope to the lives of the children and their carer.

The STOP Domestic Violence Conference Australia will address and encompass a variety of topics including impacts on the family, community, services and support, law enforcement, socio-economic implications, research findings and protection of the vulnerable.

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