Tackling domestic violence a priority for rural women

September 7, 2015

Published by ABC Rural.

According to an advocate, two current priorities for rural women include addressing domestic violence and creating economic security.

Dr Patricia Hamilton, president of the National Rural Women’s Coalition, said reducing domestic violence was her top priority.

“One in three women are subject to domestic violence in their lifetime and consequently it needs to be talked about.

“We have found, through all of our research, that women living in regional, remote and rural communities suffer far more.

“It’s the isolation, it’s not being able to talk about it,” she said.

“Everybody knows you. They even know when you are going to the doctor.”

Dr Hamilton said issues could arise when the perpetrator of violence was known within the community, which could make it difficult to report the problem to police.

Dr Hamilton said a recent roundtable discussion in South Australia looked at issues including isolation, vulnerability, changing laws and the resources needed to escape violence.

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