Time to act on domestic violence

March 19, 2015

Sydney Morning Herald Editorial published 7 March 2014

In the shadows behind the curtains, in the black of night. In the disturbed minds of those who said they loved you, in the bruises you hide. In the murky depths of despair, desperate to escape. In the emptiness all alone, frozen in fear. In the cold dark days you stay, for the sake of the kids. When will you be safe?

Domestic Violence Photo Roslyn Smith
Photo: Roslyn Smith

Domestic violence ruins lives. For every high-profile case, more victims die shrouded in silence and countless others endure the daily torture of not knowing when it will happen again.

Far too often we as neighbours, family, friends and fellow Australians fail to see it. Even worse, we turn a blind eye.

….Access Economics has estimated about 1.6 million Australian women have experienced domestic violence in some form.

…Victims will not have to retell their stories over and over when seeking help under plans for dedicated case managers and a centralised database. And social service workers believe Australians have had a gutful of maintaining a polite silence on domestic violence.

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