Violence Hits Home: 1,566 AVOs Taken Out

June 2, 2017

MORE than four Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs), on average, have been taken out across the Riverina every day in the past year.

The region claimed the shameful mantle of having the second-highest rate of AVO’s granted across the entire state.

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Local courts approved a staggering 1566 domestic violence injunctions in 12 months, according to statistics obtained by Fairfax Media.

The figures more than double the neighbouring Murray and Southern Highlands districts.

It comes after Wagga’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service revealed those fleeing abusive relationships were often placed with inmates serving parole or probation.

However, some victims still remain fearful of reporting abuse to police.

Wagga cabbie Tom Pierce claims he receives fortnightly “crisis calls” from women who have been physically or sexually abused and need to escape.

He speculates many choose to call a taxi instead of lodging an official report.

“Once every two weeks or so I’d have to help a young woman with this type of thing,” he said.

“I’d say they often just need to get away but are worried about the repercussions of calling police.

“We just do our best to help them because it isn’t safe wandering the streets.”

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