Women’s Legal Service struggling

September 15, 2015

Brisbane Times


As the Palaszczuk government announced a raft of new laws to combat domestic violence on Monday, a major legal agency that provided free help to victims of domestic violence was struggling to live up to its promise.

Women’s Legal Service coordinator Rosslyn Monro said the organisation was unable to answer about 2000 calls for help every month.

The Women’s Legal Service’s volunteers and staff are buckling under the pressure brought on by a 40 per cent jump in demand for help in the past year.

Ms Monro said that overall only one in 10 women who sought assistance could be helped.

“We know many of the people phoning us are victims of domestic violence, they need to be able to get through to us,” she said.

In its 31 years of operation, the Women’s Legal Service has helped more than 70,000 women and tens of thousands of children with family law and domestic violence matters.

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